Idaho Springs Water Resource Reclamation

Location: Idaho Springs, CO
Budget: $8.3M
Environmental Engineering

Project Description

JVA delivered a comprehensive facility expansion evaluation for the current $8.3 million wastewater facility (WWTF) expansion from 0.6 MGD to 0.995 MGD. The facility had exceeded 80% of its permitted flows and loads and required expansion. During the initial evaluation, JVA assessed numerous wastewater treatment alternatives for their ability to meet increased flows, loads, and stringent nutrient limitations anticipated from Regulation 85 and Regulation 31, including expanding the current sequencing batch reactors (SBR), a modified Ludzack-Ettinger (MLE) process, an integrated fixed film (IFAS) process, membrane bioreactors (MBR), and a new process to the United States – activated granular sludge (AGS). After initial investigations, SBR, MLE, and IFAS were eliminated from consideration due primarily to capital costs and footprint requirements (the available site is extremely constrained). Additional exhaustive evaluation of MBRs and AGS was undertaken with a multi-criteria evaluation considering capital costs, 20-year operational costs, and non-economic criteria such as reliability, constructability, operability, innovative technology, and risk tolerance. The upgrade was delivered through two separate projects to maximize funding and grant dollars for the City. Project 1 consisted of $4,5000,000 capital project including a new headworks with mechanical screen, bypass channel, vortex grit basin and classifier, and flow measurement via flume. It also includes a new building to house the City’s dewatering press, a truck scale and garage for the dewatered cake, an electrical and equipment room, a new blower room, aerobic digesters, tertiary cloth media filter, and conversion of the existing aerobic digester to an influent equalization basin. Project 2 consisted of a $4,000,000 conversion of the existing sequencing batch reactors to the AGS process, a new blower room, and ancillary equipment. JVA worked hand-in-hand with the City and manufacturers to progress this key project and worked collaboratively with CDPHE to for permitting requirements and to obtain project and grant funding to support continued design development and promote a viable project.

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