Prospect Mountain Water Distribution System Frequently Asked Questions

FREQUENTLY asked questions

Q: Who should I contact if I have concerns about my specific property?

A: Many property and local schedule questions may be answered by contacting your Neighborhood Liaison:

Lower Venner (Ranch Circle) – Austin Condon

Upper Venner (Prospect Mtn) – Neil Alexander

Koral Heights – Mark Hewitt

Curry Drive – Ann Wise

For immediate service questions or concerns, you can contact the Town of Estes Park Water Division by calling or scheduling an appointment at:
Monday through Friday, until 3:30 pm: (970) 577-3619
After hours and weekends: (970) 577-3626
Email: (Project Manager – Utilities, Jacqui Wesley)

Q: I know I need a Pressure Regulation Valve (PRV) at my house. How do I know if I already have a PRV installed?

A: The available system pressure will stay the same or increase for most project properties and may significantly increase for properties located on Prospect Mountain Drive above Prospect Mountain Court. Ensuring your service has a good-quality PRV in working order is important. We recommend you contact a local plumber to confirm the condition of your PRV or install one if you don’t have one. Here is what a typical PRV looks like:

Because of the Town’s topography, we generally have higher pressures in our mainlines than a lot of other municipal water systems. The PRV helps reduce that pressure before the water enters your home. Most household plumbing is not suitable for higher-pressure water systems without a PRV. Many residents have asked about the timing for the connection of services and when they should get their PRV inspected (or installed if they don’t have one). Because construction schedules can change with weather and field conditions, we recommend you move forward as soon as you can with the inspection and/or installation of your PRV. Please remember the service line, including the PRV, is the property owner’s responsibility. Before services are disconnected from the old system and connected to the new system, Wagner or the Town will knock on each door to notify residents of a short service interruption. If no one is home, we will leave a door hanger and continue with the service transfer. It is important you confirm your PRV is in good working order before this transfer of service. After the service transfer is completed, property owners should run COLD water through their piping and check their PRV. If you are out of town, you should arrange for someone (neighbor, caretaker, plumber, etc.) to check your home following the service transfer.

Q: How will I access my driveway if there is construction in front of my house?

A: Wagner Construction will allow for access to and from every home during construction. How they will be doing this will look different for every neighborhood, and the Contractor’s crews will be in contact with homeowners while working in their immediate areas. Crews may require up to 30 minutes to place steel plates over open trenches to allow safe access in narrow passage area.

Please support our efforts for limited down time during the day by communicating with your service companies, cleaners, and short-term rental customers and rescheduling when possible to avoid conflicts with construction.

Q: What happens if the construction results in damage to the road or vegetated areas?

A: Roads will be restored to pre-construction conditions, and disturbed vegetated areas will be reseeded as needed.

Q: How will water pressure be affected by this project? Will I still need a booster pump?

A: The overall water pressure will be higher because the elevation of the updated tank will be higher. As for booster pumps, this will be a case-by-case situation where each property will have different pressure requirements.

Q: Do I need to be home when my service line is connected to the new system?

A: No, but you may want to run your water for a few minutes to flush out your internal water lines upon returning to your home.

Q: Will there be any additional cost if my service line needs to be rerouted from the back to the front of my house?

A: There will be no cost for the homeowners throughout the rerouting of service lines. However, once installed, the service lines are each homeowner’s responsibility. If one is damaged in the future, the homeowner will have to pay the expense to fix it. Also, if the service line needs to be replaced during rerouting because of its poor condition, the cost will need to be paid by the homeowner.

Q: Will my water bill change, or will I just be billed for the expense of the project?

A: The bills you will receive from the construction will just be for the new distribution system, it shouldn’t change your water bill.

Q: How long will it take to pay off the loan?

A: It is a 40-year loan, and the repayment cost is about $150-$200 per month.  The exact amount will be calculated upon finishing the construction project.

Q: How can I tell what drawings I’m looking at?

A: If the sheet begins with a “G”, that means general and it will give you an overall view with comments and pretty minor detail. If you want more detail to see your specific property, look for the sheets that start with “C”. These will provide much more detail for specific properties.

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